Sunday, April 22, 2012


That's how the Japanese say " hello, nice to meet you for the first time! "

I'm strawberryskycat ( ichigo sora neko), or skycat for short.

hajimemashite!! *bows* Nice to meet you.
   I'm not usually much for intro posts. I find it incredibly awkward to have a public one sided conversation with myself.  Since I have to make an introduction, here are the basics.

I am a female (whoa! there are girls on the internet? no way!)
I self identify as both Aspie, geek, and AWESOME.
I love cats and Japanese Culture.
I drink WAY too much coffee. 
I live in the north east united states, in a small rented house, in a small town/city

With my best friend and Hetrosexual life partner, and our 2 children.

    Our oldest is a firecracker with a quick wit, and awesome sense of humor. She loves Star-wars, drawing, photography, robots, and fuzzy little animals.
( refered to here as Jediprincess or JP for short)

    Our youngest, is our little engineer, he loves how things work, and will take apart everything in sight just to figure out how. He digs bluegrass and cars, and loves the color red. He also gives the best hugs in the world. (we call him littlebear or LB for short)

    We don't have any pets other then the strange neighborhood tabby cat that has seemed to adopted us.
(We like her. We feed her tuna and named her "sparks")

    As for the blog, I decided that there were not enough Women/Aspie/Parents of kids on the spectrum out there lending our voices to the "Autism Conversation".
Also our LB suffered a brain Injury shortly after he was born which affected the right side of his body. (hemiparisis). (

    Most of my Adult conversation now revolves around my son and his sensory/muscular issues, and his speech delay instead of the normal everyday stuff that other parents of 2 somethings talk about.
I find it hard to participate in "normal" baby conversation, and while I have found some amazing and helpful support groups online (, sometimes I just have more to say then things I can fit in a social networking post.

so I made a blog. If you read it, then, well, YOUR AWESOME. and thank you for doing so.=^..^=
I hope you enjoy It

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