Friday, May 11, 2012

Officially Almost an Aspie

Hello everyone! Its Friday, It's sunny, I have dubstep on my hello kitty headphones, and I just was given the official (well, sort of) credentials as a person with Aspergers.
 So, I guess this means that I am Almost Officially Aspie now.

It was an interesting experience. I had an appointment with my psychologist today, after "graduating" from "therapy" last month, after the fiasco with the Hospital, I made another appointment to ask for a referral to a specialist so I could get my Official LABEL so people would stop saying things like "she must have Munchhausens " when I'm minding my own business and being "normal".

We read through the DSM and she asked me alot of questions. Some of them were boring, some of them were weird and some of them were just outright offensive. (I disagree with the majority of the Myths surrounding Autistic people, especially the ones that paint them as cold, heartless, shells without people inside)

We talked for over an hour about how Adults with Aspergers have different symptoms and challenges, and she actually thanked me for "the opportunity to see first hand how Aspergers can effect a persons life as an Adult"

She said that she didint feel comfortable giving me a referral to a specialist, because I did not "qualify" as having Aspergers because it was not causing "significant impairment in my life"
 Which kinda made me upset at first, and then I thought about it a bit. I Have a weirdly wired brain..I was born with it, and I'll die with it, and there are just somethings that I will never be able to fully comprehend or express. But I have made ooooooooh so much progress on my life journey of understanding and acceptance. I can look people in the eye now, I can go out in public, I can raise my kids, go to school, hold down a job. I Can do these things. Just because I am Outrageously Uncomfortable doing so at times, doesnt change that.

so no "Official" Label. No Diagnostic testing, because, as My psychologist puts it. Its not a "problem" for me.

and before you react, I want to tell you..that really..It isnt..not anymore. I still dont drive, Ive never had a need to do so. I use the stairs instead of the elevator, I go for walks in public with my children, I can order my own fast food, and pay my own bills, talk on the phone (I hate the phone), and I know to bring over ice cream and chicken soup when someone is feeling bad.

This doesnt change the core of who I am, only how I manage my life. and Apparently I am doing pretty well in that department. Maybe not to some peoples standards, Maybe not to most peoples standards.
I still get pretty strange responses from people.

and that's why my Psychologist is going to write me an Official letter to help with my "significant social impairment" (not mine, from other people..her words).  So the next time I have to "Explain my Quirkyness" to an "official" be it the hospital docs, CPS, a police officer, a perspective employer,
(or any of you naysayers on the internet).
lol.  I will have something offcial that I can show folks.
Exactly why I seem a bit strange. BECAUSE I AM..

and in a few weeks I will have an "official" letter to prove it. 

So I guess this makes me "officialy an Aspie now"
Funny, I dont feel any different.
(licks arm..dont taste any different either)
how strange...



  1. I've also had the "Almost an Aspie" designation. I finally got the official Aspie label after some cajoling. Dealing with this condition on a daily basis doesn't seem to qualify as impairment for some. They really have no idea.

    Different disciplines will diagnose, well, differently. Specialists, psychologists, psychiatrists and neurologists all have differing opinions about what is and isn't Asperger's, and apparently Asperger's itself may disappear altogether from the DSM next year.

    I had my son evaluated, and he was given the diagnosis of Nonverbal Learning Disability--virtually the same thing as Asperger's. The reason given? His IQ was too high (136 vs. 100) to "qualify" as Asperger's.

  2. Me too. There are so many misconceptions in the professional world of what an aspergirl is. Very frustrating. Congrats for joining the club! Nice all your movie references and humor- totally get it!