Saturday, April 28, 2012

11:54 PM

I am writing this from the 2nd story of our local Hospital. I am staying here for the time being with Littlebear who has contracted some sort of strange prehistoric cold, and Is being monitored for progress over night.

I am here alone with LB, while DH is with JP at home. It's ok. His Aunt works on our floor tonight, and she was Awesome enough to rock him to sleep when I couldnt get him to sleep for me this evening. (not that I blame him, you should see the "baby cage" they expect him to sleep in.) If I had a werewolf baby, this thing may had made sense, but for an ordinary kid, Steal bars just seem a bit over-kill.

He took my bed instead.

I'm in a rocking chair. drinking weakly brewed coffee, and trying to type as silently as I possibly can, while I wait for a friend to drop off some cash from DH because he is stuck at the house with JP while I am stuck here with LB. (yea, I know should have thought this out better).

there wasnt alot of time for preparations. LB had his early intervention team meeting just like every week. and then soon after it was over, LB started coughing worse, and made these weird heaving breathing noises. Buy the time I had him wrapped up and ready to go, he was just focused on breathing..given the mucus..I can understand why he was having such a time with it. He gets colds from time to time, and usually they are not a big deal, I just bundle him up, and take him outside for a while. DH was on a confrense call for work, so Instead of interrupting him with "hey your baby is dying again" I just packed him into the stroller and headed towards the hospital. He was breathing well, just not having a happy time of things. (If it had been worse, I would have called a bus). I figured that he would clear up before we got there, but he decided to stay.

I didint think it was any big deal. Just an inhaler, an antibiotic, and possibly a shot o steroid like last time.

and yea, they did that. and a 2 hour antibiotic drip after they had put in an IV. And then told us that If he didint clear by 5 o clock, that we would have to stay over night. 

He was admitted to the ER at 11:30 Am. Its now Midnight, and we are still here. Thankfully he is doing better, (and sleeping well for the time being). 
I'm trying to enjoy the flat coffee, and ignore the blinking lights on the monitor that publish his heart rate and Oxygen stats. I dont know how I'm going to sleep. (he took the bed, so I guess I get..the cage?).

(Edit :Update) We slept through the rest of the night, and although it was interrupted sleep (nurses checking in every 1/2 hour) there were no further problems, and we were discharged a little after noon the next day. they sent us home with a nebulizer, a pack of albuterol, an inhaled steroid, and some really scary "cough medicine" that thankfully he doesnt need. He is sleeping now and breathing well. so even though It was a most uncomfortable situation we are all doing much better.

Now I'm going to sleep, in my own bed, after drinking my own brand of coffe, and possibly eating a ton of my own ice cream.

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