Tuesday, May 8, 2012

wub wub wub...

There are some cultures that claim the Universe was sang into being....
I believe it was this sound..
I have been madly inlove with the "wub wub wub" (warble bass) sound since I first heard it in 1999 .
I'll never forget it. My whole world just stopped.  All my thoughts Absorbed in that sound..

 I used to be quite the "Junglette" I spent most of my young years following the local Drum-n-Bass DJs around the city. which eventually led to a lifelong obsession with "da beatz".

This yoga-pants wearing mom, used to don the phat pants, camo-tank and visor, and go out late and listen to what kids called "jungle, or drum n bass" back in the forgotten late 00s.  (and boy could I rock a beat, pink reflectors shining, ripping up the dancefloor in circles, triangles, and other odd dance-like motions).

the "beat" followed me through the years, sometime I would think I heard it..and then loose the memory almost instantly, Other days, I would long for that sound so badly, I would dust off my old Dieselboy CD (that's compact disc for you yung-uns) and drown in the sound and the nostalgia for hours..sometimes days at a time.

I miss the music, I miss the beats, I had almost forgotten that time in my life. I can't believe I almost forgot what It felt like to be next to a giant subwoofer while your favorite sounds are being shot (cannon style) at you, one note, one beat, one drop at a time, All fired by your favorite DJ.....magical.

I would listen to 4-6 hours of sets, from Beatz to Breaks, to UK garage, to Hard techcno, to Jungle...all the while just waiting for that..little..and amazing...Whubwhubwhub sound to sneek in the track...
And then My fave Jungle DJ would grab the tables..and my world would just explode into drums and  WHUBWHUBWHUBWHUB...

of course..that was a long time ago....I had left it all behind me...and then..

I discovered Dubstep....

Its been over a decade since I herd my beloved "whub whub whub" sound. Imagine my surprise when It started popping up Everywhere! And I mean Everywhere.. somehow almost overnight the "whub" took over mainstream music media...from pop tunes on the radio, to TV adverts..It's everywhere.
Internet Explorer: A More Beautiful Web

I wub Dubstep!

(do not click link below unless you can handle deep epic awesome)

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